The Why

Life isn’t always a walk in the park. We’ve all either faced or have witnessed some of life’s biggest challenges. When going through these seasons of life we tend to find ourselves in the dark, sometimes feeling alone. What if we could hold up a flashlight to help guide you to the end of the tunnel. Better yet, what if we could show you? Show you a group of people who are standing with you, whether or not they know the pain themselves. We want to create that sense of support for you and help restore a little something that’s been missing. We are Restore____.

The Story

Restore_____. all started when my friend Alyssa got Myasthenia Gravis at the age of twenty-two. Along with having this neuromuscular disease, doctors found a cancerous tumor near her heart, which eventually caused her to lose the ability to move. Because of her weakness, her short, almost non-existent nails were restored, given she couldn't bite them anymore. Always having a positive outlook on life, she joked that she finally had nails long enough to paint!

“I’ve had short, stubby nails my entire life because I bit them constantly. My nails were the first thing that God restored. When I got discouraged, He reminded me to focus on them, promising me that He would restore the rest of my body. My growing nails gave me HOPE!" - Alyssa 

In order to remove the cancerous tumor near her heart, she needed open heart surgery. A few of us decided to get together the night before her surgery and paint her nails so she could go into surgery in style. During her eight hour surgery, I thought it would be a fun idea to post a photo of my freshly painted nails on her Facebook wall to let her know I was standing with her, and invited others to do the same.

Within the next few hours, almost 100 people joined in. This pushed me to think, What if I can do this on a bigger scale? What if every month I highlight a difficult topic and we show our support by simply painting our nails a certain color to show unity? It was at that moment a dream was born.