Where painting your nails means something for others.

Sending you a new nail polish each month for a different cause.

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How It Works

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Paint + Share
Show your support by painting your nails. Post a photo using #WeAreRestore


3 polishes for $25! A portion of the donations will be donated to Meals on Wheels. As of 8/10 we have donated over 70 meals.

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Restore brings purpose to painting my nails (something I do anyway) and helps women come together in a small way that will make a huge difference! I can't wait for people to ask me about my nail color each month so I can share what it actually represents.

Kirston J. | Founder of Wild-flower.org

I love the sentiment of beauty from beauty. Simply painting my nails can beautifully mean, and support, so much more.

Erica B. | Owner of 10.11 Makeup + Hair

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